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The TPL503 SYSTEM (control unit BB211 + sensor TPL503) represents the Innovation 4.0 for the protection of hermetically sealed oil transformers.

The classic electromechanical control devices are replaced by the electronic sensor TPL503 which, installed directly on the transformer, is able to monitor and transmit the detected TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE and LEVEL oil data to the BB211 control unit.

The BB211 control unit protects the transformer by means of appropriate alarm contacts and transmits the information to a remote center for PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE.

It is equipped with 3 LEDs: T = Temperature, P = Pressure, L = Level for the indication of alarms with luminous colors.

The flashing LEDs indicate the fault conditions (FAULT) of the control unit, which has registers dedicated to the storage of any alarms, the maximum values reached by the temperature and pressure parameters and the minimum value for the level parameter.

It also supplies the TPL 503 sensor and receives information on the status of the transformer.

The compact dimensions and the DIN rail mounting system allow it to be installed in the most varied Marshalling Boxes.

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Code: 1CN0195 + 1AC0076

N. & type inputs: 3 for temperature, pressure and level

Outputs: 2 relays + RS485 o RS232

Plus: SMART control system of hermetically sealed oil transformers


  • Datasheet-BB211-TPL503.pdf


  • CE TPL503 SYSTEM .pdf

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