In case the operator needs to verify the right working of a  device, he can use our Pt100 Simulator.

With a simple operation the operator can replace the sensors connected to the unit with the terminal supplied with the SIMULATOR.

By the potentiometer or the toggle switches he can easily simulate the temperature values. It is also possible to simulate different sensor faults such as, short circuit or open circuit.

Electrical features

  • 2 channel outputs Pt100 CH1-CH4-regulator 100-200Ω
  • PT100 SIMULATOR from 0°C to 266°C
  • 2 channel outputs Pt100 CH2-CH3 fixed Simulation 118 Ω and 147Ω
  • PT100 SIMULATOR 48°C and 124°C
  • Connection with 12 poles terminal pitch 3,81 (or pitch 5)
  • Connection cable length 60cm

Mechanical features

  • Dimensions: 106x90mm – h.83 mm
  • PPO UL 94V0 self-extinguishing housing
  • Ambient operating temperature from -20°C to +60°C
  • Humidity 90% no-condensing