Electronic microcontroller based unit for the temperature control of MV dry type and cast resin transformers.

Developped with layout and advantages of the New technology Platform (dual display, new microcontroller with increased operational capacity and data management), the unit ensures high levels of protection to electromagnetic interferences and ease of use which have made it the standard for this application.

NT-935 AD

NT935 is an electronic microcontroller based unit specifically designed for dry type and cast resin transformers.

Developed with layout and advantages of the new technology platform (dual display, VOTING function, new microcontroller with increased operational capacity and data management), the NT935AD provides the user, in a single product, the outputs:

• Analog 4-20mA

• Digital RS485 Modbus RTU.

NT-935-IR AD

The control unit NT935IR-AD coupled to the dedicated infrared sensors TIR409 allows the temperature control without physical contact between the sensor and the surface to be measured.

This characteristic makes it useful to control the temperature of medium or high voltage windings, where the use of PT100 is not recommended for the problems of electrical insulation and the security.


T30 is a simple device for thermal control of LV and MV dry types and cast resin transformers.

Its easy use makes it specifically suitable for small to medium size transformers.

T30 is equipped with two Ptc sensor inputs and two alarm relays to signal the overcome of the temperature threshold.

NT-511 AD

The NT511 is a comby unit to control the temperature of MV dry type and cast resin transformers and the power of the fan cooling system.

In AD version it is equipped with Analog 4-20mA and Digital RS485 Modbus RTU outputs simultaneously.

It is recommended with the use of tangential fans, thanks to the presence of 6 outputs 230 Vac 1.5 A max. (each).

Every single fan is protected by a fuse and in case of failure the unit provides a FAULT signal.

T-119 DIN

The T119 is a unit developed to control the temperature of MV cast resin and dry type transformers.

The use of Ptc temperature sensors according to DIN 44081 and 44082 makes it particularly simple and economical.

Entrusted the management unit to a microcontroller allows to maintain a high level of reliability.
The 3 Ptc sensor inputs refer to the alarm thresholds (ALL1), trip (ALL2) and ventilation (FAN).


All the new features presented in the latest generation devices ED16, dual display and more powerful relays, the T1048 series, more compact and lighter, has power supply extended range (85-260 Vac/dc),free of voltage contacts and the Hysteresis, Failsafe, Intellifan functions.

Also available with 4 TCK inputs, the standard inputs are for Pt100 sensors, the ETH version is equipped with ETHernet output with Modbus TCP/IP protocol to display and program all the unit functions while sitting at your desk!


Electronic microcontroller based unit, specifically designed to control transformers with more than three windings, such as those used in the conversion DC/AC plants/systems; the NT539 can also be used to control the temperature of distribution MV/LV systems with three phases transformers.

It is equipped with 9 Pt100 inputs and the following relays: 3 for the ALARM, 3 for the TRIP and 3 for the FAN cooling system.