VRT 200

The new edition of VRT200, in addition to present a different look, was born as a technological evolution of the previous one, expanding the possibility of safeguarding the good condition of the transformer and of the ventilation system it is equipped with!

But how? Thanks to the introduction of 2 contacts (EN1-EN2) for the management of the Intellifan Function – available in the latest generation of control units, the user can reduce the thermal shock of the transformer, partially anticipating the activation of the tangential ventilation system!

Furthermore, the extension of the 85-250 Vac power rangeallows the use of VRT with motors running at 120Vac.

As for the the temperature monitoring unit, the VRT200 is also equipped with LEDs for visual indication of faults and FAULT relay for signaling anomalies.

The fans can be activated remotely (input from a clean contact) or “locally” through a frontal key.


POWER SUPPLY: 85-250 Vac



Electrical Connections